Aadays Tisai Adays,
Aad Aneel Anaad Anaahat,
Jug Jug Ayko Vays

I salute Thee, the Primal One. Pure in the beginning, through all time. Through all the ages, the One.

From JapJi by Guru Nanak.

A yogi's humble bowing to the infinite

Raja yoga gives us the teachings about psyche and mans "Self."



Before a man starts to study the secrets of the cosmos one must discover hes own true nature, hes inner cosmos. (Cosmos comes from greek word κόσμος and means structured world.)

A man should search this knowledge as a master not as a slave and demant the nature to reveale these secrets.

Human being

There is a physical and mental world existing in a human being. Physically a man is mineral organism. The body is similar to a plant.

Insticts are from the anymal level and they tend to rule over higher nature in underdeveloped personalities.

A human stands higher than anymal because hes souls higher qualities, that excists in everyone but are revealed in few.

The most special quality that a human has is the "will." Is is the power of the "Self", inherited from the Absolute.

He becomes a human when he learns to rule over the qualities and talents that one has, that one owns. And when he learns how to manage and regulate these talents, when he wakes into self-awareness and self-sensing. Because not knowing these one does not know he‘s own tools.

A human must distinguish between the Self and non-Self.

That is the first task for the person who strives for self-initiation.

Who is it that „Self“ of whom a man considers as „Me“.

Animals do not have Self awareness, they sense the outerworld but not themselves. An animal does not think of he’s own thoughts. That does not mean that animals do not have the primal- or godly spark in them. They are just on a lower developmental stage. Human beings that are on a lower developmental level also have the primal spark but it is covered by many layers. Sense of the Self is sleeping in everyones counciousness.  If a mans true Self starts to wake, the dreaming illusions will leave him and he starts to see the world how it really is.

Savage barely knows he’s own Self. Hes Self is entirely involved with satisfyieng hes body‘s needs, demands, passions and wishes. Hes Self is located in the lower part of hes instinctive intelligence.  Hes Self  is he’s physical body and it rules over him. That person is in a state of a slave and observes himself from below, from the preospect of a person who lives on the stage of instictive intelligence.

By developing a person starts to use he’s intellect, living mora on the mental level.

A person realizes that he‘s is more than a body and he’s mind is more real than he’s bodily nature. For example in deep meditation or hypnosis a pesron can forger hes physical existance.

Here a person asks himself lots of questions without being able to answer them. He will have to expain hes expalanations on and on. Human intellect hides potential opportunities, even if the will doest fully control its performance. But at this point a person realizes hes walking on a circle and perceives that he is surrounded completely by unsensible. The more knowledge he acquires the more he will be disturbed.

A person who knows little does not claim for the answers for the big questions.

A person whos intellect is in a process of development only sees more issues that demand solutions and he senses the unresolvablility in these issues.

Here a person thinks of Himself as hes judiciousness. He feels, that hes mind has been developed but still can not give answers to the questions that bother him. Then he is unhappy as a result.

Often these people turn to be pessimists. Pessimism belongs to this developmental phase.

But intellect is imperfect tool for a mans real Self. Mental person does not liken himself with hes intellect. He uses intellect as he uses hes body, as a tool.

Consecration is the transformation from intellectual stage into mental stage. He senses while doing this that hes real Self locates higher than the body or intellect and hes Self can expoit all the toold that belong to him, as well as the body as the mind.

It is impossible to reach this knowledge by using intellectual discussion, even though intellect is nessesary for mental development.

Real knowledge is like a special form of science. Once the Self knowledge has widened, a man starts to sense hes connection to Absolute very clearly and he starts to sense hes real Self’s broadening.



Human body


Higher stages of the „Self“ awareness rise and awake slowly but irreversibly. But there might be standstills in his development.

Self awareness is just a preparatory stage toward what is called enlightenment or awakening. And it is not methaphor but awaikening means to wake up into a new reality as from the sleep, not seeing the light or being shiny but knowing the true reality with your mind and eyes.

Awakening means that the anointed awakes into the aware sensing of the true bonding with cosmos. 

Seeing the whole power of mans „Self“ or „Me“ is just a slight reflection of that light what a person sees in a special state and what they call enlightenment.

It is the awakening of the soul into the understanding of hes true entity. It is the discovery of ones true entity and sensing the relation with Kosmos. After accomplishing the  „Me“ of „Self“  knowing, person understands itself what he needs and what he needs to do for further development of his mind. He can govern his soul and thoughts. Then he can find hes centre of sensing and influencing that attaches him with the outer world. It is always trying to find the way to self-realization. It searches for other centres to circle around. Before a person can affect others or the world outside himself, he must become the master of himself. Only ones who can help him are the ones who have developed further than himself, who know and see the moment when exactly he needs that help and support in dangerouse fazes.

Persons „Self“ „Me“

To wake ones “Self“ one needs to learn how to relax his body, relax his mind and think, contemplate or meditate on „Self“ until the awareness sees it clearly. It is need to reach the necessary physical and state of mind.


To communicate with your true „Self“ you must be in solitude.

To sit you must realax muscles and free yourself from tension. Until all your body rests. Mind should become calm as well. Calm environment, confortable pose and silence help to reach this stage.

If a person knows how to relax, he can reach mental and physical contentment any time, in any circumstances whenever he wants.

Getting sleepy must be avoided.

Meditative state must be completly under the control of the will, intentionally and only in time needed or planned!!! It must be ruled by will as any other state. A person should not become dreamer who is dreaming while awake. In meditation, a person must control himself completely and should control hes thoughts, feelings and state of mind. With the influence of meditation and concentration the self awareness will become soon a constant state of mind. Then it is not needed to invoke this state with meditation and will can always invoke it and overcome restlesness and direct hes attention into hes „Self“ sensing, also without meditation.